Why This Recession? Part 1 World Population

Why This Recession (and Those Yet to Come)?

Part I:  World Population

          Do you believe you know why we are in this recession?  Do you fall in with conventional wisdom, which puts the blame on toxic mortgages, or fiscal irresponsibility in government (including the Bush tax cuts, or not), or the greedniks on Wall Street, or China’s unfair currency and trade policies, or consumers getting too far into debt?  Is income disparity to blame?  Are out-of-control health care and entitlement costs?  Any or all of these, and more, could be pointed to as the catalysts for the economic straits we are in.  But I have a hunch that the problem is deeper than it appears, that these factors are symptoms, not true causes.  To understand why this particular recession occurred, and was inevitable either now or a little later, one has to look at deeper systemic globalized problems. 

Go to the Why This Recession page for the full essay.

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