Will Right-Wing Policy Lead to Socialism?

Despite the continuing recession with its long-term unemployment figures, high foreclosure rates, underwater homeowners, growth in the number of Americans in poverty, and continuing exacerbation of economic and political inequality, the Republican presidential wanna-bees continue to promise tax relief and other policies favoring the wealthy rentier classes while disfavoring the middle and lower classes by what they call entitlement reform.  They claim that their policies will strengthen the economy and halt America’s slide into international weakness and socialism, and they never tire of calling President Obama a socialist to underscore their point.

So, what if it does happen that the eventual Republican nominee does defeat Obama and the Democrats become an impotent minority in Congress?  What if Republicans in fact do enact their policies?  Will that achieve their goals?

Maybe not.  Maybe they will eventually get the opposite.  There are examples in history that suggest that when the wealthy and powerful get too powerful, and the poor and middling get too poor and politically weak, the weak and poor rise up and depose the wealthy and powerful.  Consider the French revolution and all those heads bouncing to the beat of the Marseillaise.  Consider the Russian revolution—there was never a class so powerful and rich as the czar and his nobles.  Consider the toppling of the corrupt regime of Batista by Fidel Castro and his communist rebels.  Extreme inequalities of wealth and political power may be a recipe for exactly the opposite of what the right-wing Republicans are seeking.

A revolution of the types noted above would not necessarily follow in the United States, since we already have in place mechanisms for throwing the bums out that France, Russia, and Cuba did not have.  Perhaps once the American people have had a dose of Republican ultra laissez faire, they will vote them out and vote in real socialists, ones who will make Obama look like a banker as they enact policies for, say, universal single-payer health insurance, or nationalization of the banks, or perhaps a 100 percent federal tax on gasoline.  They might even change the tax code to tax capital gains at the same rate as earned income.  When the political pendulum swings far in one direction, it tends to swing back equally as far in the other.

Republicans, be careful what you wish for.

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