Howard Bloom’s “Problem”

I have just finished trying more or less to read Howard Bloom’s latest book The God Problem:  How a Godless Universe Creates, and found it both overly-long and annoying.  It is overly long because of quite unnecessary repetitiousness (are there no good editors anymore?), and annoying because Bloom indulges in too much cutesy-pie stylistic tics; the repetitions are part of that, but so too is his tiresome jokey style, such as his habit of referring to Charles Darwin as “Charlie.”  This sort of thing arouses my suspicions that the author actually has very little of originality or interest to say and not much of an argument.  Given the rather shallow overview of science history that constitutes most of the book, neither can one tell if the argument is of any greater validity than that of other popular “theory of everything” tomes that have ended up gathering dust on the shelves of used bookstores.  I suspect it is an impressive fraud, and that it may be the author himself on which the fraud has been most successfully perpetrated.

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